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Published 21st July 2015

12 Money Haiku

Money fills me up
With possessions, greed and joy
Overflowing cup.

Money makes me smile
Crescent moon in dark blue sky
Procuring more time.

Cash is my fat queen
Purchasing freedom from dearth
-Falls from pockets, green.

Beggars beg as I
Stroll by like Venus in Furs
Not catching their eye.

And Faberge eggs
Grace your fine breakfast table
Japanese, no legs.

While we sip champagne
You, my lush feckless friend lie
Legless in the lane.

Ah! money destroyed
The simple way we were then
-Mores, redeployed.

And we got fatter
And our arses grew wider
It didn’t matter.

Our bank balance swelled
But our health took a dive as
Sick bodies rebelled.

Bloated and heavy
Blubber gout about to crack
Apply fat levy.

Snap, pop, mighty burst
A heap of grey excrement
With fortunes reversed.

And what to be learned
From this purring fat mess just
The poor one gets burned.

BeRn ©2014. All rights reserved

Published in Poetry Bus Magazine (the money issue)
Spring 2015