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Published 21st July 2015



Verse 1
Daddy said his life was shaken
Mama said she had a broken heart
When I told them I was aching
To get away and leave these parts.
Brother said I was mean and thoughtless
Sister said get out while you can
You really don’t want to end up like me
With a heartless drinking man.

I don’t wanna be a cowgirl
I don’t wanna work the farm
Get married young
Have children then be done
The city’s calling from afar.

So I left home with money Momma gave me
Took a bus that drove for days and days
And when I saw the lights that once had called me
That’s when I knew I had found my way.
So I struggled for a while to find employment
Struggled for a while to find a friend
In the city of bright lights I’m just another spark
But I will manage in the end.


So I start my job on Monday morning
Flinging hash and filling cups of Joe
And in the evening in my empty room I sit and play guitar
And wonder where my life is gonna go.
Now the only thing that really is important
Is that I’m free and that I got away
But I sometimes take the bus and go back to the farm
To visit all the folks who choose to stay.


(P) © 2011 getBeRned songs (ASCAP)DSC_6564