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Published 8th September 2017


Sunday 24th September 2017

CATCH THE WIND Colaiste Raithin 11:00 – 12:30pm; €10

At my Songwriting workshop we will write new songs. We won’t talk in-depth theory, but briefly discuss the fundamentals of great songwriting: lyrics, melody, harmony & rhythm. We will pick a topic, pluck the lyrics and melody out of the air, pick the best bits and work from there. We will put them to music and make our songs. We will have fun in the process. Bring an open mind & leave your self-critic at the door. Instruments welcome but not essential.

BeRn has a Masters of Music degree in songwriting from Bath Spa University, UK, and 25 years’ experience writing, recording and performing. “A real colourful individual with her saucy, unusual, punky, spicy, joyful songs”

To book a place contact BeRn directly: